Age of Steam Hiatus

I feel I’ve reached a good stopping point with the Age of Steam, just before the appearance of the first effective high-pressure steam engines and the first steam-powered vehicles.

Therefore I’m going to put the series on hiatus while I focus on turning The Backbone series into a book, similar to the one I published this year for The Switch. This will likely include more new material than The Switch publication did, since I’d like to incorporate more of the backstory of the Whirlwind project. I expect this to to take a few months, and so I expect to return to publishing installments of the Age of Steam in early 2022.

4 thoughts on “Age of Steam Hiatus”

  1. Do you think you will have a book ready for Christmas? That would make a nice gift for geeks and tech history enthusiasts.


    1. I’d say no. I might have a revised manuscript ready to go by then, but based on my experience last time, it will take several more months for it to be ready for publication.

      But The Switch is available now!


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